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LED lamps placed Feng Shui

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 Generally speaking, do not recommend friends to choose the other especially strange and eccentric, LED lighting, Kyrgyzstan with demon image, also lighting should accord with the overall Jiezhuang style, not the misfits. Classical style decoration, you can choose the classical style of LED lighting, harmony and collocation. At the same time, the color of the light to the surrounding environment and to adapt, too prominent, will have a dazzling aura of evil spirits, the destruction of Feng shui.

Layout and setting of lighting.



General attention should be paid to a few points:

1, not in the long-term sitting, lying position is located above the lighting, especially with sharp decorative lamps, not to appear at home;

2, if the height of the house is not too high, try not to use the chandelier;

3, less use of spotlights and other bright light source, not to use long-term, bright and dark flashing lights;

4, direct lighting, such as desk lamps, mirror headlights, etc., as far as possible from the eyes of the people, do not have a strong eye irritation;

5, with colored lights, family members are five elements Xiji different field affected by emotional reactions, of different colors are different, if you do not know the family numerology, or in the best natural light or ordinary energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps as well.

6, bedroom, living room and other places, is a long stay of the family, in the choice of lighting, as possible to choose brightness adjustable, or layer of bright lights, too strong or too dark lights will make people uncomfortable.

Lighting role of Feng Shui

If used properly, lighting can play a role in cooling and growing up to a great extent. Some common examples are as follows:

1, the lack of housing corner, set up bright lights can have a remedial effect;

2, difficult to handle the beam, you can use the lights upward irradiation beams, in order to turn the brakes;

3, in the home or the door never sees the sun is setting light to increase, angry, dispel evil gas yin;

4, increase the wealth, Wenchang, peach and other places, such as the brightness of Kyrgyzstan, and so on.

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