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Articles in the price of LED lamps

Release Date:2017-09-25 Content Comes From:http://www.dianoulight.com/en/

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LED lamps are popular in recent years, especially after the incandescent lamp out of the road map, LED lamps have become the government to promote energy-saving lamps. However, LED lights have not yet been popular in the civilian market, because the price is high, the average consumer can not accept.

In recent years, LED lighting factory production increased a lot, to share in the LED lighting market share, with low barriers to entry, not what the production technology also laicourenao, resulting in uneven LED lighting products. Fierce competition in the market, many manufacturers began to make an article on the price, so as to appear the appearance, structure, function, pedestrian looks almost the same product. But the price is 2~3 times cheaper. This kind of product still sells well, but Xiao Bian reminds you, "a penny for goods" this sentence is the absolute principle.

Why is there such a big difference in price? In fact, LED finished prices are transparent, in order to reduce the LED cost price, at this stage can only use low quality materials, but the long life of LED for material requirements and production process requirements are very strict. Therefore, generally less than 30 yuan LED lights are not reliable, consumers should pay attention to the identification of the purchase.

About prices, let's just talk about chips.

Chip: LED lamps and lanterns use the chip to have domestic and Taiwan chip, relatively high, request also has the import chip, the import chip quality is best, but the price is expensive. Taiwan chip is the best cost-effective, domestic chip technology has yet to be strengthened. Different prices on the chip can lead to differences in the price of finished products. Poor chips or small chips can lower prices, but are consumers willing to use this type of LED light?

The LED lamp in the price is many, if consumers in order to figure a Xiaohui, then use LED lights will not reach the effects of energy saving and environmental protection.

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