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Demand analysis of modern office lighting design guidelines

Release Date:2017-10-21 Content Comes From:http://www.dianoulight.com/en/

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First, the importance of office lighting

For most people, offices and homes are the longest places to stay, and the boundaries between the SOHO and the diversity of office buildings are becoming increasingly blurred. But one thing that has never changed is the pursuit of a more comfortable and humane design.

The tedious "white collar workshop" is turning into a luxury office building with a gym, a playroom, an indoor playground, and a lot of changes have taken place in the light environment that has a strong impact on the efficiency of the staff.

The purpose of office lighting is simply to provide the office users with the light needed to complete their tasks, and to create a high quality comfort environment from the user's physiological and psychological needs.

The focus of office lighting design is to create bright and comfortable light environment, so as to improve the staff's work enthusiasm and improve work efficiency. Lighting experts and most people have agreed that the quality of the lighting environment can affect visual efficacy and subjective feelings of people."

Most companies, however, still believe that their most important investment is their employees, giving them generous pay and making the company most likely to have a loyal and passionate workforce.


However, a good lighting environment can improve work efficiency and make work interesting and passionate.

In fact, on average, the cost of human resources per unit area is more than 300 times the cost of lighting". The understanding of the importance of office lighting and the importance of lighting in modern business owners are far from enough.

Two, the characteristics of modern office

1, most of the main structure of the office building is a layer of floor tiles piled up, so that it will be closed, blocking the sun, naturally projected into the interior.


With walls blocking more sunlight, the effective daylight available in a typical building is only about 2% of the natural state.


As a result, it is much more difficult to artificially produce a contrast between too much and too much weight, which is greater than what we see in natural conditions.. Although daylight is real and natural, the path of sunlight entering the interior is limited, creating an uncomfortable and unnatural environment.

2, modern office work requires extensive use of visual terminals such as desktops, notebooks, tablets and mobile phones.


Three, the demand for modern office lighting

Because of the modern office environment, the characteristics of space, the way of the office and the way of using the office space, the problem comes along. How to solve the excessive contrast, reasonable layout, spatial brightness distribution to solve the fatigue caused by visual monotony? How to effectively avoid the glare (direct and indirect glare) resulting in reduced efficiency? How to better provide a comfortable and efficient communication environment? Has become a new demand for modern office lighting.

Needs change the lighting design key will be transferred, is no longer satisfy the uniformity and color to provide adequate illumination, in working face, also need to meet the needs of people deep through the reasonable spatial distribution of brightness, avoid glare, provides vertical lighting and lighting control and the introduction of natural 

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