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LED patent, industrial and mining lamp explosion-proof series

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  • Update Time : 2017-09-26
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Product features

In the connection of power supply and light source on the aluminum substrate is the first use of buckle plug connection manufacturers, more convenient maintenance, completely solve the leakage problem prone to weld and welding in the original, the lights running safety.

This series of products all passed the CE and 3C certification, allowing users to use more secure, more assured.


As the heat dissipation structure is unique, the use of self absorption strong convection mode, good heat dissipation, low temperature rise, light weight, the cooling structure has applied for national invention patent protection, than other brands of the same power light 0.5--3KG

The light source adopts CREE / Bridgelux chips, high light efficiency, light decay more slowly.

The whole lamp and drive power IP37 protection grade design, is a dustproof, waterproof, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant industrial and mining lights.

The products cover PC gas light diffusion agent, in the cover of PC internal reflectance function is formed around the island, the transmission of light from the softer, non glare, effectively protect the operator's vision health and safe operation, and referred to the work efficiency.

The product's PC hood is also filled with anti UV aging additives, so that PC cover in 60 degrees of high temperature environment, 50000H does not change color, effectively ensure the good lighting effect of this light.

Because the radiating structure is unique, the products of other brands in the same power compared to the aluminum substrate attaching position detection point of low temperature of 5 C and 10 C: effective from technology and environment to ensure the light decay more slowly, longer service life (up to 60 thousand -8 million hours) longer than the service life of 30%-50% other brands of the same power, let the customer obtain good economic value and social value.

The driving power of this product has wave resistance, anti overcurrent, overload, over-voltage, high temperature resistant function, can work normally in less than 85 degrees, more than 85 degrees, automatically adjust the power supply, is a in any harsh environment to the normal work of the mining lamp.

Scope of application

The utility model is suitable for shipyards, mines, workshops, factories, warehouses, road toll stations, gas stations, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, and other places requiring industrial and mining lighting.

Product parameter


Application range

Applicable to explosive gas environment.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor explosive or combustible dust.

Widely used in oil, mining, refining, chemical, military and other dangerous environment and offshore oil platforms, oil tankers and other places for general lighting and operational lighting.

The utility model is suitable for energy saving reconstruction projects and difficult places for maintenance and replacement.

Apply to higher protection requirements. Damp place.

Product parameter


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