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LED human induction fluorescent tube

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Product features

Dianou human body infrared induction lamp, infrared spectrum produced by the human body, when someone enters the sensing range of the LED lamp, special sensors to detect changes in the human body infrared spectroscopy, automatic output high power frequency, people do not leave the sensing range, will continue to output high power frequency, without delay after the switch off the load automatically.

At rest, ultra low illumination power consumption is typically 2.5W, and tunable according to environmental requirements (4W/5W/6W...)

When the body enters, it automatically senses full load work.

Full load time: 2, one, 60 seconds (default 30 seconds), which can be transferred according to environmental needs (45 seconds, /60 seconds, /90 seconds).

Sensing range: 4-5 meters (sensing range refers to the sensor on the lens as the center of the vertical pitch) induction angle: 120 degrees

Suitable place: parking lot, corridor, bathroom and so on, these places can be used. Some people passing by induction to people on the bright lights, no induction to people when the lights went out or micro light, more power than the normal LED fluorescent lamp, more power than fluorescent lamp!

Application range

Car shell, warehouse, basement, corridor, corridor and all kinds of large office buildings, automatic lighting of high-grade amusement places and so on.


Application case


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