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300*600 flat panel lamp

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  • Update Time : 2017-10-21
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Product features

The use of imported high luminous efficiency, high color rendering index of LED chip, the energy saving effect is obvious, showing the color fidelity;

High power factor, the company's own R & D drive power, power factor of more than 0.95;

No glare, no strobe, no glare, with two light distribution function, imported light diffusion material, so that the light more soft, to provide you with a more comfortable working environment;

Green environmental protection, no pollution, no lead, mercury and other polluting elements, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation, more healthy skin.

Product parameter


Application range

Commercial and exhibition venues, hotels, conference rooms, factories, offices, homes, airports, subway stations, schools, hospitals and other public places require energy-efficient and high color rendering sites.

Application case


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