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LED T5 Fluorescent Lamp

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  • Update Time : 2018-10-18
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High efficiency, no strobe tube

Product features

The use of imported high luminous efficiency, high color rendering index of LED chip, the energy saving effect is obvious, showing the color fidelity.

High power factor, the company's own R & D drive power, power factor of more than 0.95; harmonic content less than 9% addresses, sensitive equipment without electromagnetic interference.

High efficiency, no stroboscopic. No glare, no glare, with two light distribution function, the use of imported light diffusion material, so that the light more soft, to provide you with a more comfortable working environment.

Green environmental protection, no pollution, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation, more healthy for the skin.

The power and chip electrical parameters match more reasonable, the power conversion rate is more than 92%, the heat dissipation structure is reasonable, and the service life can reach 5-8 years.

LED fluorescent power consumption is 1/3 of the traditional fluorescent lamp, the life expectancy is 10 times of the traditional fluorescent lamp, it can be used for a long time without changing, and reduce labor costs.

Product parameter


Application range

Apply to parking, office buildings, factories, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, home and other indoor lighting.


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