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Summary of the application of LED panel lights, what matters need to pay attention to?

Release Date:2017-10-21 Content Comes From:http://www.dianoulight.com/en/

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LED panel light has been widely used in the field of indoor lighting, its energy saving, environmental protection, low power consumption, long life to get people's support. And LED panel lights will replace the traditional lighting, the next few years will be fully applied. And we use LED panel lights need to pay attention to what matters, we come together analysis of how to use LED lamp panel items to note.

First of all, the LED panel light can only be used indoors, so we can not install it in the outdoor, if it is used outdoors, there will be serious security risks, it is difficult to reflect the advantages of LED panel lights. We use LED panel lights before the first confirm whether the products are damaged in transit, if damaged please do not install or use, if you install a LED panel light damage, even higher than the harm in outdoor use, so we must ensure that the product before installing intact. If the product is damaged after use, please don't try to repair it yourself. Only professional engineers can repair it.

LED lamp materials should be kept away from children, so as to prevent children from injury due to playing! For example, products of small parts, easy to cause children to swallow, and do not let children touch the live equipment. Don't look at the bright side of the LED for a long time. Don't use the reflected LED light to illuminate other people's eyes. It's very dangerous for eyes to look at the high brightness light source for a long time. To keep away from fire or high temperature objects, a good product, like us, is easily affected by the environment. Beyond the service life, it needs to be repaired, checked, or scrapped.

Before cleaning the LED lights, be sure to turn off the power. Clean with dry or dry cloth. Do not use chemicals or corrosive substances to clean them. Ten note by the use of LED panel lights above, we know that if not careful, will have very bad consequences, we must choose a good LED panel lamp manufacturers, we use LED panel lights, must be very careful to avoid improper use, can lead to the reduction of the consequences.

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