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8 skills teach you to distinguish between LED lamps pros and cons

Release Date:2017-10-21 Content Comes From:http://www.dianoulight.com/en/

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Vicious competition in LED market price fight, a large number of unqualified products listed has violated the LED energy saving and long service life, environmental protection and other real value, how to distinguish the merits of LED lamps, from the following aspects:

1, look at the overall "power factor" lamp: low power factor, and illustrate the use of the driving power supply, circuit design is not good, will reduce the service life of the lamp greatly, the power factor is low, the use of good lamp will not long lamp life.

2, "material structure, heat dissipation conditions: LED heat dissipation is also very important, the same lamp power factor and with the quality of the lamp, if the heat condition is not good, light work under high temperature, light will be great, will reduce the life of lamps.

3, "light quality: quality depends on the quality of the chip and chip package technology.

4, look at the driving power of lamp, the other part of the life of the power supply is relatively light, life is very short, the power of the lamp life influence overall life, theory of life improved in 5-10 million hours, and the life of the power supply in the 0.2-3 million hours, design and material selection of power supply will determine the service life of power supply.

5, look at the light bulb power efficiency: the same light effect, higher brightness, higher brightness, lighting the same power consumption, smaller, more energy saving.

6, look at the power efficiency, the higher the power efficiency, the higher the power itself, the smaller the power consumption, the greater the output power.

7, to see whether compliance with safety standards China's LED lamps safety standards have been introduced, please comply with the safety standards stipulated by the state to select LED lamps.

8, is to see whether the fine workmanship.

A good quality LED lighting, in addition to several aspects mentioned above, but also according to different environments, with different technical requirements, such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, antimagnetic, lightning protection etc..

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