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LED patent, industrial and mining lights, Ming Hui series

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  • Update Time : 2017-09-26
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High temperature intelligent industrial and mining lamp leader


Product features

Designed for high temperature and humidity environment, super heat dissipation system, environmental humidity of 85-100 degrees, service life of up to 50000 hours.

Through the third party authentication and detection, the remote terminal control system can transmit the lamp electricity status in real time through the mobile data network, so as to save the electricity department's investigation, inspection and maintenance time of the lamps.

Ultra wide voltage range of use: 90V-305V, easy to deal with voltage instability.

The series of products are imported chip (CREE, PHILPS, Puri brand), light efficiency of more than 140LM/W, luminous angle of 60 degrees or 90 degrees, obviously refers to large 85RA above.

The driving power of meanwell, ledone or dianou ZNH high-end power, constant current drive, power factor more than 0.98, and has overcurrent, overvoltage and overload, high temperature protection function.

This series of products are used in the two light distribution principle of science, make the lamp output light softer, more uniform, bright glare is lower, and will not hurt the eyes, let employees safe operation, concentrate, effectively improve the work efficiency.

The radiator of this series of products adopts the unique heat dissipation structure, and uses the principle of space aerodynamics to design, let the air convection more fully, the heat dissipation is more homogeneous, more quickly, and the whole temperature rise is not more than 25 degrees centigrade. Because of the ingenious design, imaginative, whole light weight is light to other high-end brand manufacturers also power around 1/3, let safety suddenly increase a lot.

Because of the unique structure of the heat dissipation and the scientific matching of the lamps and lanterns system, the product has obtained many national invention patents and utility models patents, and is protected by the state patent.

Because of good heat dissipation, low temperature rise, the light slow, ten thousand hours of light is less than 4%, no flicker, no red shift (i.e. color drift), product life is relatively prolonged 30-40%; but 6 years guarantee, service life can reach 7-12 years, is the best choice for high temperature environment of the lamp.

Because of the connection with snap, internal wiring lamps are made of flame retardant type cable, simple and convenient installation and maintenance, is the first European code design, which has fireproof, waterproof and dustproof function, can be used in most harsh environments.

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