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LED High Bay Light

  • Sorts : LED industrial and mining lamps

  • Update Time : 2018-10-18
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Product features

Using pure aluminum fin heat dissipation, improved convection structure, lower the temperature of the whole lamp, and prolong the service life.

The first in power line and light aluminum substrate connection. The buckle plug type connection, convenient maintenance, completely solve the welding connection in the original easy to produce welding and leakage problems, the whole light safety operation history.

Driven by the power supply with high power factor and high efficiency. High color refers to the imported chip.

Products through CE and 3C certification, allowing users to use more secure, more assured.

Because of the unique heat dissipation structure, it adopts thicker aviation aluminum material with high heat dissipation coefficient and single cycle air cooling system. It has the advantages of good heat dissipation, low temperature rise, light weight of the whole lamp, extensive use of medical service and long service life.

The light source adopts imported chips, high light efficiency, light decay more slowly.

Drive power IP67 protection level design, is a member of a dustproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, high temperature good lights.

The PC of the product cover and a light diffusing agent, on the cover of PC formed around the island reflectance function, make the transmission out more gentle light, no glare, effectively protect the operator's vision health and safe operation, and improve work efficiency.

The PC cover of the product is additionally provided with anti UV aging additive, so that the PC cover does not change color in the 30000H under the 60 degree high temperature environment, and effectively ensures the good lighting effect of the lamp.

The radiating structure is unique. And the installation of air cooling system. Effective from technology and environment to ensure the light decay more slowly. With longer service life (up to 30 thousand -5 10000 hours), the product extends 30%. 50% of the service life of other brands of the same power. It allows customers to achieve better economic and social value.

The driving power supply of this product has the functions of surge resistance, overcurrent protection, overload, over voltage and high temperature resistance. This kind of industrial and mining lamp is definitely an economical lamp with excellent value for money.

Apply to factories, enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises, petroleum, chemical, smelting and other high-altitude places for light or flood lighting.

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