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LED triple tube

  • Sorts : LED fluorescent tube

  • Update Time : 2017-09-26
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Product features

  1. The shell is made of PC injection molding, with high strength, strong impact resistance, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, strong corrosion resistance and so on.

  2. The light shield of the lamp is designed for anti glare, so that the light is more uniform and soft.

  3. The utility model has the advantages of good sealing performance, convenient locking and convenient opening and closing, and convenient maintenance.

  4. Preparation of high efficient energy-saving LED lamp, high efficiency, high power factor (12LM/W) (0.98), long life (50 thousand hours), green environmental protection.

  5. Emergency equipment can be installed according to user's requirements. When the power is out, the lamp will be automatically illuminated.

Application range

Three proof lamp is generally used for more corrosive, dust, rain industrial lighting demand places, such as: power plants, steel, petrochemical, ships, stadiums and so on.


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