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L tube, ED radar, induction daylight

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Dianou intelligent radar sensing scheme is to use the Doppler principle, transmitting microwave radar signal about 5.8Hz, when moving objects into the radar electromagnetic field, can feedback signals to the receiving circuit, triggering circuit to change the working state of. General sensing distance can reach 1-20 meters, as long as the object moves can trigger, although the object in its range of trigger, if it does not move, it will not trigger. Radar induction can penetrate metal objects, such as plasterboard, wood, etc, especially suitable for concealed installation. Special attention should be paid to the presence of metal objects that block the emission surface and greatly reduce its sensitivity. The influence of radar interference is small and the sensitivity is high. It is especially suitable for underground parking lighting solutions.

1, using the Doppler principle to the parking lot of each radar sensor LED fluorescent lamp control, when there is no vehicle access, all radar sensor LED fluorescent lamp in a dormant state, each lamp power 2.5W, both to meet the lighting requirements of security monitoring, greatly saving electricity (according to the previous experience garage 24 hours of electricity can save electricity about 90%).

2, when a vehicle passes, low brightness in LED radar sensor tube is awakened automatically light up, power is 12W, replace 46W common fluorescent lamp, convenient parking, car or activities in the induction area, LED fluorescent lamp has been lit, or when the car left the induction area after 30 seconds, automatic washing into the low brightness of LED lights, power 2.5W.

Application range

Applicable places: underground garage, parking lot, road, corridor, school, hospital, hotel and other public places.

Basic parameters of radar induction tube power supply fittings

1 、 supply voltage: 220V;

2, installation: wall mounted, suction ceiling installation, T8 built-in installation;

3, transmit power: < 2mW;

4, load power: can be used as a trigger signal, but also as required by the installation of photosensitive resistors, maximum power 35W;

5, detection angle: 180 degrees;

6, detection distance: less than 8 meters;

7, work delay: 10 seconds to 120 seconds; shoot to be explained;

8 、 photosensitive control: according to the light intensity of the outside to control whether the switch work, in order to achieve energy-saving effect. (need additional, own product does not have, please explain additionally);

9. Microwave induction switches are active sensors. Sensors emit high frequency electromagnetic waves and receive their echoes.


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